50 Cent Shows Off His Kids In Exclusive ‘Baby By Me’ Video Preview

At the recent Los Premios MTV awards show in Los Angeles, 50 Cent met up with Destiny’s Child alum Kelly Rowland. Several hours later, they were in each other’s arms. Rowland plays Fif’s leading lady in the upcoming “Baby by Me” video.

“I actually ran into her,” 50 told us recently on the clip’s set. “I said, ‘Wow, it’ll be great if I could get her to come tomorrow.’ “

Fif said he also had his eyes on Columbian model/actress Sofia Vergara, who was at Los Premios too. “I had some ideas,” 50 said. “Actually, I was talking to Sofia. I presented with her at the actual awards, and her schedule didn’t allow for her [to participate]. Kelly was getting ready to fly back to Miami. I was lucky enough to catch her. I kinda begged my way into her doing it. I didn’t want to do the normal video situation, where you have the vixen or somebody no one knows from anywhere. I think it intensifies the whole song.”

As you’ll see in MTV News’ exclusive preview of the video, 50 and Kelly appear to have some kids together, and the world-famous rapper shows a wide grin when he carries his baby boys in his arms.

The full “Baby by Me” clip debuts November 2 on MTV Jams. 50’s next album, Before I Self Destruct, comes out November 23.

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