A wee little on Jade

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this rain is so relaxing! Thought i’d write something new for today, but not about anyone else or anything, but about me. I live in the huge apple and love it. I pursue almost every passion I have out here and ( Praise God ) have been successful in doing so. A lot of you do not know ALL that I do. I get hit up on twitter, people not realizing that I am not into just one thing, but many. Here’s my talents…

Choreographer/Artistic Director/Artist Developer: This is the main one that most of you know. Once a song comes on with a beat that knocks or grows into my veins, I automatically start envisioning the moves and formations and video in my head. God has really blessed my creativity, making things that have not been done, become loved and accepted. I have run into obstacles because I am “white” “female” “21 years old”.. people doubting what I can really do and where my mind is at. YES, I have only been doing this for a year or so, but it is a serious gift from God, and I intend on using it for many many years to come. There is too much creativity to let it go. I visually can see EVERYTHING. From what the artist is wearing/doing/moving to where the dancers are and possible props for the stage/video and I see a video idea. It’s overwhelming, but I love it. It’s a passion that will never leave…

www.youtube.com/jadeApink ( the youtube page ) Go subscribe. You can see what I have done for Day26, Lil Wayne and some others…..

Actress: Oh you did not know? YES, I am an actress. I have done plenty of commercials, tv shows and just now getting into movies. But did you know I also do stage theatrics? Broadway/musicals and the like. This is a talent that I focused on a lot while growing up. Took a break from it, now getting back into it. Be on the look out……

Singer/Pianist: I have been singing since I could. I have been offered contracts with labels and the like, but every time, the time was NOT right. I have a wide range from Alto-Soprano. With voice training, I have also been playing piano for 6-7 years. I lost the passion for playing, but the talent is still there.

Writer: Yes, I am sure you could tell. I enjoy writing. This is something that has been discovered for quite some time, I just never really touched on it until recently. I love the constant feedback ( fyi )

So, there you have it. My God given talents that I am blessed to be able to pursue. Keep pushing for your dreams to keep moving forward…. do not stop. Ever.

Deuces- Jade

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