Rihanna’s Dad Says He’s Desperate To Reconcile With Her

ShowbizSpy: RIHANNA’s estranged dad says he’s desperate to reconcile with his superstar daughter.

Ronald Fenty says he’s heartbroken the Russian Roulette singer — who recently revealed that “I haven’t been in touch with my dad for a year and a half… by his choice” — has banished him from her life.

“Robyn is going around saying I don’t want to be in touch with her,” Ronald, 56, told Britain’s Sunday Mirror newspaper.

“I leave messages for her but I never hear back. I want nothing more in this world than to see my daughter again and to be part of her life.

“I speak to my children every day and to have gone so long without speaking to Robyn is heartbreaking. I am very distressed about it.

“What makes it all the more sad is our argument was over nothing. I had been on her tour for four weeks and things were fantastic.

“But in Chicago I got drunk before a gig — I acted like a jerk.

“I remember Robyn being really upset and saying‚ ‘Dad, you are going home’. One of her assistants put me on a plane back to Barbados. I have not seen or heard from Robyn since.

“I just want to send a message to her to say, ‘I’m sorry and I love you.’

“I know, having regained her trust, I let her down badly by getting drunk.

“The nearest I get to seeing Robyn now is when she is on programs like X Factor or awards shows.

“I watch her and what she is doing and am so proud. But whatever people may think I am not interested in Robyn’s money or fame. I just want to be a dad and a friend to her.

“I have heard through other family members that she is going to be in Barbados for Christmas and I want nothing more than to see her again.”

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