Kim Kardashian Reportedly Gets $10k Per Tweet For Ad Company

DailyMailCoUK: Some might question her apparent celebrity status, however Kim Kardashian certainly seems to have acquired some pulling power.

According to a report out this week, the U.S. socialite allegedly commands up to $10,000 (£6,300) for every tweet she posts on her Twitter account as part of her contract with in-stream advertising company

Kim, 29, is the highest earner on the company’s books and the most popular on their roster of celebrity tweeters.

The former best friend of Paris Hilton currently has over 2million followers on Twitter and have put her tweeting services up for hire alongside U.S. stars such as Lauren Conrad and Dr. Drew.
Kim Kardashian manages to turn a simple salad advert into a reenactment of her sex tape

It is thought some of Kardashian’s advertisers include Reebok EasyTone and Carl’s Jr, the fast food chain.

The reality TV star often mentions using products from both companies, in fact out of 30 tweets on her page, five mention products from either company.

Which means, if the reports of her earnings per post are to be believed, she was paid $50,000.

Derek Rey, co-founder of, told U.S. website PRNewser that Kardashian can command $10,000 per tweet and that his company limits its publishers – as it calls Kardashian – to one paid tweet per day so as to not alienate her audience.

‘We’re not a polluter,’ Rey said.
Kim recently signed a deal with Carl’s Jr, which Rey states is not an advertiser with, appearing in a raunchy advertisement for their new salad range.

Meanwhile, the tweetaholic star has posted a behind-the-scenes photograph from a recent photoshoot in which she and her sisters, Khloe and Kourtney, spoofed Beyonce’s Single Ladies video.

All three dresssed in tight-fitting Lycra bodysuits, with Kourtney in particular standing out – the eldest of the three sisters has just given birth to her first child.

In a backstage video shot by People magazine, Kim revealed she is currently producing her own TV show and she will launch a new line of footwear due to hit the shelves in 2010.

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