Coffee Shop 2:the four fundamentals

As of July 14th, Coffee Shop 2 has been available for internet downloads on both producers’ myspace pages and blogs that showcase their work. Coffee Shop 2 is an extension of the artistic relationship and developing creative acumen of this duo. The two look to gain the respect of the production community, as well as entice artists to expand upon their beats.

One element that was re-worked in Coffee Shop 2, was the focus on not over-working a track. The two focused on the creative energy while also recognizing that there was a line between transcending genres, and over-working a beat. Growth like this shows signs of musical maturity, something that both Jinesis and Prickly Pear look to achieve. The second Coffee Shop installation is better orchestrated than the first, yet has their same twists and turns. Their progression, as a team, has grown. As with any new relationship, time is of the essence.

Their goal, ultimately, is to continue to broaden their fan base. Coffee Shop 2 has something for the energetic, as well as the smooth listener. Tracks to look out for are “The World’s Not the Same” and “Live at the BBQ.” To contact the producers, and to catch cuts from both Coffee Shop albums you can check these sites: and

download here:Coffee Shop 2:the four fundamentals

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