Kim Kardashian Says She Isnt Paid To Advertise Via Twitter

Examiner: Kim Kardashian says Carl’s Jr. did not pay her to tweet about their salads and the E! reality star posted a blog post to “clear up” the rumors.

“I want to clear this up because there has been a lot of talk about this. Carl’s Jr did not pay me to tweet about their salads,” Kardashian wrote her on her blog.

The Keeping Up with the Kardasihans star was said to be getting money in exchange for tweeting about products.

In an interview published by with co-founder of company, he said Kardashian gets paid by his clients to online promote.

“Yes, obviously I was paid to be in the commercial… we all have to work! But I was not paid to tweet or talk about the salads on my blog, Facebook account, MySpace account or any other online outlets,” she says.

Adding, “I want my fans to know what products, gadgets, foods, clothes and beauty products I like and I love sharing all that with my fans. You all know I’ve posted about certain clothes and products on my blog since I started blogging two years ago.”

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