Angelina Jolie Dropped By Fashion Label Because She ”Overshadowed The Brand”

ShinyStyleTV: She may have been voted as the woman many of us would like to look like in a Superdrug poll, but the year seems to be going downhill fast for Angelina Jolie.

According to WWD, the actress has been dropped from luxury fashion label St.John in favour of red head model Karen Elson .

Glenn McMahon, chief executive officer at St.Johns, said Ms Pitt “overshadowed the brand.”

He added: “We wanted to make a clean break from actresses and steer away from blondes and cleanse the palette.”

Although Angelina has been fronting the brand for a good few years it seems the partnership between her and the company has always been a little bit rocky.

Back in 2007 two new designs were said to have been made especially for the actress following claims that she was unhappy with some of the current designs she was contractually meant to wear to events.

We think the phrase “shot yourself in the foot” may ring true here Ange.

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