Mistress Of Shaquille O’Neal Files Harassment Lawsuit Against Him

L.A Times: LOS ANGELES — Former Laker Shaquille O’Neal’s ex-mistress announced Tuesday that she’s suing the basketball star for harassment.

Vanessa Lopez, an Orlando-based model, claims she and O’Neal began their affair about five years ago. She says she was initially resistant because O’Neal was married, but he told her he had an “open relationship.”

Things went south about four months ago, Lopez alleges, after she told O’Neal she thought she might be pregnant.

Lopez says she didn’t like O’Neal’s reaction, and told him to leave her alone. She claims the Cleveland Cavaliers center then began harassing her.

“I used to walk down the street not looking back over my shoulder,” Lopez said at the press conference, with attorney Gloria Allred by her side. “Now, I fear that someone is after me. At home I’m constantly looking outside to see if there’s a strange car parked.”

“I want this to be over,” Lopez said. “I want to feel safe again.”

Lopez accused Orlando Magic star J.J. Redick of harassment following their breakup in 2007.

According to a police report filed in Florida, Lopez claimed she was being harassed by Redick’s brother, David. The report says that while the cops were at Lopez’s house taking a report, David called her and said he would leave her alone “when she leaves J.J. alone.”

Lopez has also reportedly had problems with Denver Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin and Cleveland Cavaliers guard Delonte West.

In 2006, West, then with the Boston Celtics, called security on Lopez, saying she wouldn’t leave his Orlando hotel room.

Police were called to the room, and Lopez accused West of making unwanted sexual advances toward her, according to the police report.

West acknowledged that he had slept with Lopez in the past, but said he didn’t hit on her that night.

Instead, West said Lopez made advances at him, but he rejected her because he had another woman coming over.

Police eventually removed Lopez from the hotel.

Lopez’s problems with Kenyon Martin happened in 2007, when Martin’s business manager called police, claiming Lopez charged hundreds of dollars on the basketball star’s credit card without permission.

It’s unclear if criminal charges were ever filed against Lopez in connection with that incident.

For his part, O’Neal has been linked to at least three mistresses, including 25-year-old Swedish model Dominica Westling and the fiancee of another NBA player.

O’Neal’s wife, Shaunie, has filed for legal separation with intent to divorce. Their next hearing is set for March.

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