It’s the Light, It’s the Light

It’s quite cold here in the huge apple! 20 degrees but feels like below 0. I mean com’mon, but I figured this would be the perfect weather to stay in and write…. so here we go.

You ever think about how much we take light for granted? I mean, lets analyze. We have natural light which wakes the earth up in the morning hours and lights up the night hours for our late night adventures thru the city or whatever else we do. The sun shines no matter what and the moon gleams down on our cement & earth playground for evening games. The sun helps our plants grow so we can have beautiful flowers and fresh fruits, veggies & herbs. Grass & trees grow with help from the sun which in turn provides animals and humans with needs.

We have light from candles and wicks. When there was no electricity, we humans had to light a wick in kerosene or candles to be able to see when the sun went down. It helped throughout history. NOW, we use them for smelling purposes & romantic purposes only. Funny right?

Now-a-days, we have electric lights. You flick on a switch and there you go. The light fills the room so you can see. We have them everywhere we go. Lights now help animals in cages stay alive and healthy, we have dimmers on them so we can ’set the mood’ or just not have it so bright, we have ‘clap on, clap off’ lights, we have light planted in the ceiling, outlets to plug lights in & lights run on batteries.

I think we take a lot for granted. Without light, we would be in constant darkness. We would not be able to appreciate the beautiful colors we see each day, the people we meet and view thru our eyes each day, our computer screens [hahahaaa] & anything else I missed to include [which is a lot]!!!

I wrote this to remind you all [and myself] to stop taking the things that are most important in our every day life for granted!! We have so much, really do, even if we feel we don’t. WE DO! Live life to the fullest and never take anything you have or anyone you know for granted. We got one life, live it.

Until next time…. | Deuces |- Jade/thehugeapple

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