50 Cent Talks Sports After X Games Performance On Buttermilk Mountain

ESPN.Go: Winter X Games fans love their hip-hop. Rap superstar, actor and entrepreneur Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson loves to cross promote. Put those two together and you get 50 Cent playing a free show on Buttermilk Mountain. He got a chance to promote his latest movie — one of the first films picked up at Sundance — and 5,000 music fans got a sun-drenched set of world-class hip-hop.

Oh, and Page 2 got a few questions with the star.

This is your first time here. What are your impressions of the X Games?

This is amazing. These people, winners or losers, I don’t care, had to put in a lot of work to be here, ’cause obviously it’s really difficult — coming down those mountains is fast.

The Super Bowl — who you pulling for?

I’m going for the Saints. You’ve gotta be.

Did you play sports in high school?

Oh yeah. I liked all of them — all the ones that were available to me. Basketball, football, boxing — those things.

What can sports do for kids?

It gives them something constructive to do. It’s healthy. They are building themselves up. They have to focus. When they develop a passion for it and really work hard? Nothing like it, man.

So, if you could play a pro sport, if you could be any athlete, who would it be? Shaun White?

Ha! Shaun White’s pretty difficult, you know, I can’t … [shakes head and laughs]. You know, I really like Carmelo Anthony’s game. But I’d probably be Floyd Mayweather.

Why, because you like to talk, not fight?

[Laughs] Because I like to do both.

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