Diddy Gets Blasted On Twitter For Allegedly Over-Charging Guests For Admission To B.I.G Tribute Party

NY Daily News: Someone made a big payday at a tribute party for the late Notorious B.I.G. — and Diddy insists it wasn’t him.

Though he was one of the featured performers at what was billed as the rap mogul’s “first party in Brooklyn,” Diddy says he had nothing to do with the outrageous $100-$150 being charged at the door. But the folks lined up outside the Lab Banquet Hall Tuesday night thought otherwise and flooded Diddy with comments via Twitter, reports The News’ Michael J. Feeney.

“I cannot pay $100 to get in, ” one angry fan tweeted. (Advance tix were $30.)

“This is what happens when you have someone like P. Diddy hosting,” wrote another.

“Let’s hope the money is going to [Biggie’s] Memorial Foundation,” a third posted.

But it wasn’t — not to the foundation or to the college fund for the children of the rapper, who was shot dead in L.A. 13 years ago.

Diddy tweeted back: “I am not promoting the party. I’m not making money from this. … As soon as I get there, I will tell them to stop trying to overcharge people.”

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