*From Then To Now* Rare Look At Angelina Jolie 19 Years Ago

DailyMailCoUK.com: She is now one of the world’s most famous women, but even at the age of 15, it was clear Angelina Jolie had star potential.
Jolie, the daughter of Hollywood actor Jon Voight, became a model in her teens, while she was a drama student.

With her bee-stung lips and sultry brown eyes Jolie poses confidently for the camera in this newly released 19-year-old photograph

She started her screen career in music videos, most memorably for the Rolling Stones and Meatloaf, before moving into movies.

Now 34, she is in a relationship with Brad Pitt and is an Oscar-winning star, UN ambassador and mother of six – two with Pitt and four adopted from Cambodia, Vietnam, Ethiopia and Namibia.

Meanwhile, Jolie was spotted earlier in the week filming scenes for her new film The Tourist.
However, as she took a boat ride down a canal in Venice, it was not the beautiful scenery that seemed to hold the actress captive.
Wearing what seemed to be a conical bra, the Hollywood star was caught staring down at her pointy chest.

The 34-year-old brunette was on location for the movie, in which she stars alongside Johnny Depp.
Earlier in the week she was spotted with Depp filming scenes on the city’s network of waterways.

The pair enjoyed a short cruise as they shot the film – but it could quite easily have been mistaken for something a bit more romantic.

courtesy of lukescorner.ning.com

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