Its Back! Stripper Mobile Back On The Road After Being Shut Down By Registration Issue Tampa, Florida – Police put the brakes on the stripper mobile a few weeks ago, but Friday night the owners of the controversial vehicle say they plan on taking it out again.

“We are legal as of right now, we are legal,” said Eric “Ice” Terrell the general manager of Déjà Vu, the company that the vehicle.

Terrell says a registration issue has been resolved allowing them to drive the stripper mobile again. He also says after meeting with police they’ve agreed to make some changes. They include having the dancers in the back of the vehicle wear more clothing while performing less suggestive moves.

“No body parts can be exposed and they cannot simulate any sex acts,” Andrea Davis of the Tampa Police Department told 10 Connects.

Davis says Déjà Vu agreed to those conditions after meeting with city officials last month. She says the strip club has also agreed to keep the peep show on wheels out of neighborhoods and off the streets until 10 p.m.

“Obviously if they don’t there will be consequences. But based on the meeting we don’t believe there will be any problems,” Davis said.

The stripper mobile created a firestorm of controversy when arrived in Tampa earlier this year. Prior to coming to Florida the vehicle with a stripper pole in the back had been in Las Vegas.

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