Lawyer For Colombian Model Wanted For Alleged Involvement In Drug Mafia Says She Didnt Come To Court Because She Fears Being Raped In Prison Former Judge Guillermo Tiscornia, and defense counsel of Angie Sanclemente Valencia, the Colombian model, who was accused of integrating a drug mafia in Argentina, said that “she didn’t came to the court because she fears being raped in prison” .

And added that in the radio program ‘Innocents and guilty’ which is broadcasted by Radio Mitre, that “there is no single evidence that shows that this woman is a narco boss as everyone says”.

And that “In the prison waiver request that we presented, we stated that a woman like her, very beatiful, is afraid of being raped and assaulted in prison. The arrest warrant against her is for carrying a courtship and nationality” .

The lawyer questioned the prosecution against Valencia Sanclemente, saying “She was accused by repentant of former cocaine traffickers. We must take these accusations carefully”.

Affirming that “there is no evidence that link her with the other defendants” and said that “he doesn’t know where she is and that everything he knows, is through Sanclemente Valencia’s mother, who hired him to assume the defense “.

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