Jay-Z’s ‘BP3’ Tour Is The Top Grossing Tour For Hip Hop This Year

HipHopDX: While Hip Hop has permeated the fabric of popular culture, the presence of Rap music has not particularly been felt in the realm of concert grosses. This year, however, Jay-Z has continued to conquer the Hip Hop genre in tour grossing, and has kept up with some Rock ‘n Roll acts notable for their concert success.

Billboard Magazine recently tallied the top 35 grossing shows since January. Hov’s Blueprint 3 tour made the list eight times, with his highest-selling concert landing at No. 10, grossing $1,322,831 (Australian rock band AC/DC grossed the highest with over $27 million for three concerts at one venue).

Jay’s 360-deal with promoting-giant Live Nation has assisted him in his success on the road, starting with 2008’s jaunt with Mary J. Blige, which grossed $34.5 million. “With everything else going on in his career, maybe he hadn’t focused on tours as much as he could have,” VP of touring for Live Nation, Faisel Durani told Billboard. “But we always knew he was an amazing live artist and the kind of artist we could work with to get to where we needed to be on the live side.”

Jay-Z is scheduled to headline Coachella on Apr. 16 before making his way to Europe and Japan for other tour dates

courtesy of lukescorner.ning.com

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