Jinesis "My Thoughts Exactly" (New Album)

“My Thoughts Exactly”

These are my versions of pre-existing songs. My re-interpretations of what I imagined and thought
they would sound like in my mind. Again, I’m come from the aesthetic where the producer dictates
the direction of the song and provides the sonic backdrop. Nowadays however with the technically
advanced age we live in, home studios abound plentiful and artists tend to take a more D.I.Y approach
to the direction of their own music. I decided to take the initiative as a PRODUCER and produce forth
a different soundscape for songs people may have heard before and take them somewhere new.
As an added bonus for musical continuity in my series, I’ve added some original tracks I’ve produced to
give you more range. These are my thoughts, exactly. Please enjoy, download and spread the word.
You’re welcome.

– Jinesis

My Thoughts Exactly (intro) ft. Jinesis, Frado, Chaz, Brooke,Nekeya, Clarabelle & Elizabeth by Jinesis

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3 Responses to Jinesis "My Thoughts Exactly" (New Album)

  1. 佩璇佩璇 says:

    成功是一把梯子,雙手插在口袋裡是爬不上去的。 ..................................................

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