Baby Born With Brain Outside Body Dies Less Than 2 Months After Being Born HOUSTON – An update on a baby, who touched the hearts of many of our viewers. Braden Ezekial Asher lost his battle to a brain malformation.

He was born with a condition called Chiari III, where his brain and brain stem formed on the outside of his head.

He brought his family a lot of joy during his short lifespan. Doctors expected him to take only one breath, after he was born on February 25th of this year. He gave them almost two months of joy and really showed his personality during that time. He would even open his little eyes and make eye contact, which was a huge blessing for his family.

Here’s the information for his funeral:

Funeral for Braden:
Friday 4/16/2010

10:30 a.m.
Houston National Cemetery
10410 Veterans Memorial Drive
Houston, TX 77038

The Ashers ask for donations to a charity, versus flowers.

They urge others to donate to the Chiari Foundation for more research about this condition or Texas Children’s Hospital.

More information about Chiari can be found at:

courtesy of

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