Royce da 5’ 9” – Slaughterhouse Recorded With Eminem & Just Blaze

Slaughterhouse hasn’t officially signed with Shady Records yet, but that doesn’t mean the supergroup haven’t gone into the studio with label head Eminem. just got off the phone with Royce da 5’9” who revealed that the crew have a song with the Detroit rap giant produced by none other than Just Blaze.

Royce detailed the experience recording the song for XXL. “That day was like a regular Slaughterhouse day on steroids,” he said. “We came in there. Just Blaze was sitting there. The beat is up. The beat is retarded. Em’s vocals were already laid. His verse is ridiculous, so you could imagine the kind of pressure that we was feeling. “

Royce isn’t exactly sure whose album the song will appear on, but that isn’t the only track he’s done with his old rhyme partner, Eminem. The two, who have been palling around a lot lately, also recorded a song together that Royce says might be on Recovery. Yet he doubts that him and Em will ever revisit their 1998 classic song, “Bad Meets Evil.”

“We been talking about that record,” he shared. “I don’t even know if that record would ever happen because we both would nitpick it so much, it’ll never see the light of day. That’s how we did with “Renegade”….that’s gonna be a tough one to get done to both our likings.”

Royce says it’s been great being back in the studio with Em, but more importantly it’s been even better hanging around him again. “Just being back in the same room with him…when there’s no type of issues. that’s what I always focus on more,” he said. “Just the actual friendship. I’m glad we back how we was. Like the creative shit will come, us ending up in the studio together a lot, is natural. I was around when he was mixing [Recovery] a lot. Just being there. Not having to put in no creative input, just being in there like a fly on the wall, just soaking up game. That’s what I value more than anything.”

Recovery hits stores on June 22 via Aftermath Records. —Jesse Gissen

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