She Makes Me Want To Dance (Janelle Monae)

She make’s you want to dance, sing, yell, role up a blunt, and drink a few glasses of wine. You actually want to listen to the lyrics sing along and what else to do after that but get in that mirror and dance. I am talking about something new, something fresh, Miss Janelle Monae. Been seen the scenes lately with who other than Mr. Diddy him self. He got himself a soul-oriented alternative singer, songwriter, dancer, and awesome performer. Her music is a mixture of punk, rock, soul pop and jazz.

A Kansas City Native and a New York City American Musical & Dramatic Academy Student. A cross of Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu and Andre 3000. Her soft beautiful brown skin tone, baby doll face and those piercing big eyes just captures me. How can I forget that afro kinky natural hair with the puff on the side. So petite with such a powerful voice and those unforgettable dance move, which remind me of a little Michael (lol).

We know her for wearing a black & white tailored, women tuxedo. High couture collared white shirt, toped off with a boe tie and those classic oxford shoes. Makes me think of classic movies as, “Harlem Nights and “Who framed Roger Rabit with the flashy suits and nice hard bottons.

This brings me to Miss Monae sense of style. Don’t get me wrong she is something new and fresh different then what’s going on with other female artist. It’s not the Louboutin shoes, the bustiers, the spandex or the body suits. She is more towards the more full covered era. She is very intriguing and unique; I don’t knock her for being different or being that Outkast for the female artist.

I don’t know if it just me but I would like to see Miss Monae more feminine, sexy, sultry, and edgy. She is a beautiful young lady with natural beauty and there is nothing wrong with enhancing the look or just overall improving the look. Summer 2010 we can’t wear female tuxedos to every industry event. It’s getting hot and long sleeve is just not what’s up. I would like to see her spice things up and show us what she been hiding under the tuxedos. Unless Mr. Diddy doesn’t want her getting to sexy she might turn it up on us and start to be a Cassie or a Dawn. Take that take that. (lmao) They were a major “turn it ups”. Went from cute to sexy and then some. All beauties by the way.

But let’s take Miss Monae to the next level with her new album out ‘ARCHANDROID MERCH’ in stores now go out and purchase that. She is in need of a little help might I say. She is need of splashes of color in her wardrobe. Not a bad dresser but I am just over it. Let’s “turn her up”. Let’s get some accessories, flashy earrings; Why not look into Melody Ehasani for the accessories or take it to, Dig Deep Jewerly. Let’s create a nice look. Let’s do a 4 inch heel. Keep it cool and try the new Yves Saint Laurent heel or a mean Giuseppe Zanotti shoe. Let’s see a dramatic and a popping eye. Let’s see those big eyes pop more. Let’s arch those brows a bit and let the lips pop with a super glass. Her face is gorgeous but why not Viva Glam or Pret-A- Papier Mac it up. Make her into couture, sexy Janelle Monae!

We can get her popping! Let’s go with a BOOM, BANG!

Loving her natural beauty, not knocking it but here and there I think she is long over due to amaze us with a new look. It’s time for an upgrade. She has beautiful features and good hair. Let’s her hair loose and let it down, maybe straighten it, or go bigger, wilder, funkier and crazier. It’s not always a bad thing. Let’s open up the door for creativity with her, she is fun and funky off the back lets go in with her. Come on Puff open the door for her and let her get a new stylist. There are plenty of designer I am sure who would love to work with her and let her explore. Prints, ruffles and floral is in this time around and just to name a few here we go.

For Miss Monae I can see her going with Chanel, Marc Jacob, Roberto Cavailli, the late Alexander McQueen, Chisato Tumori, and Vivienne Westwood. All up her ally with a little twist, swag, splash and volume. BOOM!
Its 2010 lets “turn it up”!

Owwww she would be simply, shinning and stunning.
Need I say more?
Just my opinion coming from Ms.Ncakes.

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