Summer Calls For Sexy So “Turn it Up” (exclusive)

“Donatella Versace”

With summer officially here in 5 days, ladies and gentlemen it’s that time to step your foot wear up. This summer it’s all about embellishments and more of a decorative look for the ladies. Platform and any thing over a 4inch is the look. (Trendy) We can still keep it super sexy and still rock that open toe bootie or lace up which is my favo with a cork heel making it a little easier to walk in. Some ladies need to get there foot game up to part. We can’t do the Old navy flip flops and don’t to it simple with just a wooden flip flop in btw the toe either. Try some chains, zippers, studs and even ruffles. Lots of straps and even mesh is in. Put some color in your in walk while you at it. Try some bright colors even some neon’s. Watch the reaction you will get.

“Giuseppe Zanotti”

There are many affordable brands which can help u achieve a fashionable shoe wear for your self this summer. Colin Stuart, Nine West, Chinese laundry, Madden girl, Aldo and Dollhouse are just to name a few. If you like to step out the box here and there and you just feel like treating yourself, try Axlender Wang, Giuseppe Zanotti, Jean Paul Gaultier and Elizabeth and James ( Mary-Kate & Ashely Oslen twin). These designers seem to be putting out some off the wall styles of sandals; gladiators, platforms, booties and flip flops. Did I forget the textures are crazy and the embellishments are very detail.

“Lisa F. Pliner

While wearing sandals this summer don’t forget to treat your feet as well with Dr, Scholls pain orthotics relief and don’t forget to grease them heels with some foot cream for cracking heels. Keep them pedicures fresh and the feet overall in good condition. Good feet means more conversation, more conversation means more shoes… Something to think about!


As for my Gentlemen let’s get off those white on whites and try something different for once. Try some high top leather sneakers. Yeah I call them the “Kanye Drake Dream” Top brands are YSL and Gucci for those.

Yes we know you love Nike so why not get more exclusive and create your own sneaker on NIKEID. Let your creation speak for themselves. Be more exclusive and stop wearing the typical sneaker. I love a man in Some Nike Shox NZ or Turbo’s. Of course Airmax but I like them on swoll so 360’s in the summer.

“Just Cavalli”

Get out there and explore. Why not try something out of your range for once. Do some exclusive polo, LV, Gucci, or even Kenneth Cole moccasins or some oxfords. Ladies love a man with a mean shoe game. Every man must own a pair of hard bottoms. Spend that bread if you got it. Ain’t nothing like those new sneaker or shoes on stash. Feels good when u say to your self ” I ain’t even know I had these! “ There is also flip flops for those men who aren’t afraid to show off their feet. The one’s who actually get those pedicures and actually keep there feet up to part. Gucci and Prada have that on lock for the men. If you are vacationing and you over 30 treat your self, F what your boys is talking about. You grown lmao!

“Deluxe x Russell Moccasin”

Men two can think out the box. Most men have that inner model or divo in them. Bring it out . Show us something for the summer shoe collection.
Ladies and Gentlemen start looking for that shoe or sneaker that speaks for it self. With summer almost here start looking and start expanding your shoe collection.
Summer calls for sexy swag so “turn it up”.

The Thought’s of Ms. Ncakes.

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