Teairra Mari Doesnt Mind Kissing Girls,, But She Still Loves The D*ck (news)

Vibe.com:I don’t care what any woman says, if you see a beautiful woman you’re like, “Oh My Gosh she’s beautiful’ and you may be a little attracted. You may not want to jump in the bed with her, but I don’t think if you kiss her, you wouldn’t like it. I think that it’s this underlying temptation we all have. I see beautiful women all the time and I’m like, “Damn, she’s hot” and I don’t feel any kind of way about that. I feel good and I’ll tell her too. That doesn’t mean I’m going to jump in the bed with her, but if she’s hot I might kiss her.

I haven’t tongued a girl down, but I’ve done a peck before. It wasn’t even a dare or a drunken thing, it was just something that I wanted to do [Laughs]. She was beautiful. She was friends with a close friend [and] we were all hanging out.
[And] don’t think I could kiss a close friend. I would want to tell my close friend, “Girl, I just kissed this girl.” I don’t want it to be her because I want to talk about it. There’s no discrimination, but that’s just how I feel. I love men and I love the little things between their legs, and that’s what I love the most [Laughs]. So I wouldn’t be emotionally attached to a woman unless I was getting with one of those little things [Laughs].
I think a lot of female artists feel like [the gay] audience is something we can’t ignore. The homosexual, bisexual… the sexual audience we can’t ignore. I’m not bisexual, but I am sexual which is why I have kissed a girl. I may [do a girl-on-girl] element [in a music video]. I don’t know if it would go as far as kissing and in the bed, but maybe like some touching and fondling maybe. You can take it too far if it’s on TV and kids are watching. I didn’t see Rihanna’s video [for “Te Amo”], but I saw Christina’s [“Not Myself Tonight”] and loved it. I think that taking [girl-on-girl based music videos] too far is maybe taking it under the sheets. But if it’s something that kids aren’t seeing then I don’t think there’s such a thing as taking it too far. I just feel like it’s an underlying temptation for all of us, and it’s something that is a new consciousness for everybody. It’s like “This is the real.”
The more our generation evolves, the more we play to the truth. And this is a true thing that’s going on. Whether you’ve done it or not, you’ve thought about it. Some people will argue me down and say that they haven’t, but I will argue them back down and say that they have. —As told to Tracy Garraud
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