Kim Kardashian Cast in Wax for Madame Tussauds (news)

Kim Kardashian’s curvaceous figure will be presented in wax at Madame Tussauds in New York City later this week, ending the mystery surrounding several Twitter posts she recently tagged #karwax.

“I can finally reveal that I am getting my own wax figure,” she wrote on her Celebuzz blog. “This is one of the greatest honors ever and I am so thrilled and excited. Now I will never have to leave NYC … I’ve officially gone bi-coastal! LOL.”

More good news? PopEater will be filming Kim’s side-by-side appearance with the statue Thursday morning. “Kim’s wax double captures the star’s smoldering personality and flawless sense of style,” Madame Tussaud’s writes. We can’t wait to see!

Several weeks ago, Kim published a photo with dots drawn on her face, writing, “No, it’s not another one of Khloe’s special beauty treatments … and I swear it’s not chicken pox! I have a big announcement coming up.” She later posted one more photo, showing her shapely dimensions being measured, last week. Turns out both were part of the sculpture process.


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