Floyd Mayweather Jr Goes Ape Sh*t Dissing Manny Pacquiao (News)

Floyd Mayweather Jr is known for his trash talking ability, but he outdid himself this morning on UStream.

Money May started off by talking about his current lack of desire to fight again, but that soon segued into an all out verbal assault on Manny Pacquiao.

“When we do come back, we will kick Poochie-Ow’s a**. I’m letting the fans know, don’t worry. He’s gonna take the urine and the blood test. I truly believe if an athlete is cheating, then we’re cheating the fans. I rose to the occasion all 41 times,” Floyd said. “Poochie-Ow’s got three losses, two draws and been knocked out twice. Once I beat him, it’s gonna be a cakewalk then on to the next.”

At this point Floyd was just getting warmed up. He started to take even more personal shots at Pac Man later.

You know Pacquioa can’t speak no english, he aint never seen a contract he didn’t like. This motherf*cker signed with two companies..look it up. This motherf*cker with Nike and only got 70G’s. How stupid can a motherf*cker be?” Floyd asks. “I wore Reebok’s sh*t for three weeks and got a million dollars. And guess what else? This motherf*cker name aint even Manny Pacquiao, this motherf*cker name is Emanuel. He got a fake name…taking power pellets.”

Floyd took a break to call a fan, then went right back in on Manny.

We on vacation for about a year, then we gonna come right back and cook that lil young junk. So the fans aint gotta worry about me fighting the midget. Once I kick the midget a**, I don’t want yall to start jumping on my d*ck. So yall better get on the bandwagon right now. Because once I stomp the midget I’mma make that motherf*cker make me a sushi roll and cook me some rice. He better make me a shrimp tempura cut roll. You know how it is, we gonna cook that motherf*cker with some cats and dogs.

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