Nicki Minaj Interview W/Greg Street (News)

Nicki Minaj has put female hip hop back on the map. You could argue that she is single handedly carrying the game on her back for femcees.

Her album ‘Pink Friday‘ is set to drop November 23, and already there’s talk of if it flops, other females might not get that look from major labels.

But is that talk accurate or a clever marketing ploy?

V-103’s DJ Greg Street recently caught up with the Harajuku Barbie and spoke with her about that topic and a lot more.

I’m in a very grateful state right now,” Nicki says. “I’m trying to go in with this album so I can make people proud.”

There’s a lot riding on this project, no doubt. Nicki feels like everybody, including her fellow female rappers should support it, or else.

They [major labels] won’t look to sign other female rappers if the project doesn’t do well. Because they’re gonna say ‘well, her buzz was so crazy, if she couldn’t do it no one can do it’. I don’t want that to happen so I’m doing this for all the girls.”

Although her career has really taken off, Nicki admits there were times early on she wasn’t so sure it would.

“For a long time in my life, I was afraid to be a solo female rapper, because everyone told me, ‘It doesn’t work. It’s not going to happen. Record companies are never going to invest in you just to get it. Just be part of a group.’ ” she said.

Young Money CEO, Lil Wayne gets released from prison November 4. Nicki says the New Orleans spitter is focused.

I’m afraid for anybody, any of his competition when he gets out. Because I just feel like it’s going to be monumental. He’s in a great state. When I speak to him, he sounds like he has some sort of clear understanding of everything now, almost like he’s had some weird sort of epiphany since he’s been there, so I’m sure his stuff is only going to get better.”

So is Nicki right? Should other rappers fear what will happen when Weezy gets out? And if her album flops will that kill female hip hop on a mainstream level?

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